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     My name is Marcus Jenkins and my wife is Joanne.  We have a beautiful healthy son named Everett.  I have been hunting and raising dogs since 2000.  It was my passion before I met my wife.  It is still a passion I have but it has become second to God and my family.  I raised American Bulldogs for about 8 yrs.  I love the bulldogs and enjoyed the time I spent breeding them.  My old male Big Boi was a great dog and caught me many hogs.  I have known about the dogos since the beginning of my hog hunting days and was able to own one early on named Clyde for about 5 yrs.  He wasnt papered so I didnt know much about his history or lines but Clyde was a hunting machine.  He was the best all around dog that I have owned.  He hunted like a cur dog with a steady pace.  Never hung out to rest, always on the move.  I lost him in the Sulphur River bottom once for seven days and I thought for good.  We went out one last time to try to find him and get a hunt in at the same time.  About an hour in while taking a break and talking Clyde showed up.  I was so happy to see him.  He was a little thin and wore out but in decent shape for being out for 7 days.  We walked around for a bit and he followed behind until one of my buddies made fun of him for slacking.  I told him to get out and hunt and he did just that.  30 minutes later we were on pigs.  Thats when I knew I wanted to get into the dogos.  They have so much heart and are so eager to please.  I knew they were the dog for me.  I now own 4 great dogs which will be my foundation stock of what I believe will be a great line of dogs.  Thanks goes to my wife for putting up with me and my dog obsession and for picking up the slack at the house and with our son while I am out hunting, feeding or just hanging out with the dogs.  She actually bought my first American Bulldog for me so Id have to say she should probably be considered the founder of Solid Kennels.  I definately couldnt do this without her. 
     Solid Kennels will offer one or two litters a yr.  All of our pups are BEAR tested for hearing problems and will be up to date of wormings and shots when sold.  They are all socialized with the other dogs, humans and are exposed to elements of North East Texas.  Depending on the time of yr and the weather will make a difference in where the female is kept when the pups are born but all the pups will be exposed to grass, dirt, bugs, germs, ect.  I dont agree with pups being kept away from the ground and not being exposed to nature and the nutrients and bacterias on the ground that I think are essential for a puppies health while growing up.  I will also tell you that my dogs are taken care of.   When you purchase a pup from me they will have a healthy appearance.  They will not be under fed or over fed and will look like a puppy that you want to take home and show off to your friends.  If a great looking companion, hunter, or guard dog is what you are looking for, give me a call.

My thoughts on breeding Dogo's 

      Why is following the original breed standard  important to me?  If you will read history on the breed standard and why the two brothers added each breed to their line you will see that they had a vision of a hunting dog with heart, stamina, toughness, gritt, a good nose, fast, intelligent and size.  I believe that they achieved that goal.  Their breed standard was a dog under 100 lbs. with good bone structure but not overly big boned.  They werent looking for dogs with the biggest heads, the biggest bones, the widest chest.  They didnt take the biggest female and breed her to the biggest male and they never sacrificed working ability for looks.  My dogs are first and foremost working dogs.  They are beautiful to me but they wouldnt be in my yard if they werent good at hunting hogs.  Now you may not be looking for a hunting dog but if you have decided that an Argentine dogo is the breed for you than you are wanting a dog with the working ability.  It may be guarding your home and family, hunting big game, or just a great family pet that is always ready to go on a run or play fetch but these dogs are looking for a job and they are built perfectly for it. 
     Dont let someones website tell you what kind of dog you are looking for.  If a dogo is what you want, read the ORIGINAL breed standard and set out to find the pup that matches what you want within that standard.  Ask questions about the parents.  If you dont like the looks of their dogs and their attitude or work ability then you probably arent gonna be happy with their offspring.  They may be the best looking dog in the world but can they tolerate other dogs?  Can they be around humans without aggression?  Is their heavy body causing health problems?  Are they WORKING dogs?  Some of these things can be controlled with proper training and raising of a puppy.  Just make sure you ask questions.   Be weary of buying from breeders with non working dogs.  Dogos were bred to do a job.  When they loose that hunting ability they fill that void with bad habbits.  Dog aggression, human aggression, digging.  They become problem dogs.  Buy from good lines and give your dog a purpose!
       Dont decide to go cheap and buy an unregistered dogo.  There are breeders out there that sell dogos for crazy amounts of money exceeding $3000.  That is a lot of money for a working dog, house dog, any dog... Most working breeders sell there dogos in the $1500 range which is not cheap but understand that dogos are rare, not for everyone, and the good ones are well worth it in the end.  When you buy an unregistered dog you have no idea what you are getting.  Ive seen people advertise unregistered dogos for $500.  They say the parents are registered but they want to bring the dogo price down so they are selling them unregistered for less.  I have asked several times if they will take more and register the pups and they always decline.  These people are not being honest and I believe that their dogs are not full blood.  The Argentine dogo is a wonderful breed when bred correctly and documented.  When you stray away from that you are changing what you set out to look for in the beginning.  If you are wanting a dogo then be sure that is what you are getting.  The breed is getting a bad reputation from people selling dogo crosses as unregistered dogos.  Some websites say they are the only breeders of the true argentine dogo.  READ the breed standard,  do your research and make your own decisions.  Ive seen alot of great dogos out there and they arent all in Florida!! 
     I am not gonna tell you that my dogos are the best ones out there but I will tell you that I havent seen any dogos that are any better than mine.  I love my dogs, I believe in their ability, and I think they are pretty dang good looking too!  Feel free to contact me any time by phone, text, or email with any questions you may have about my dogs or upcoming litters.  If you would like to be put on our waiting list for one of our great dogo pups you can click on the link below and fill out the form.  THANKS!!

     4 Oaks Ranch is Family owned an operated.  Bob and Luke who are brother in laws of mine and are two great guys and experienced hunters.  I have personally hunted on the land many times for deer, hogs, turkey, and dove.  I can honestly say I have seen more of each of those animals there at the ranch than I have at any other place and I grew up in East Texas.  They have amazingly placed blinds for optimal views to the feeders for deer, hog and turkey hunts.  The Cabin which I have spent many nights in is comfortable and spacious and fully equipped.  Although we may need to restock the bar...Ha!!  If you're needing a weekend getaway with the guys and a chance to bag a trophy buck or some meat for the season give these guys a yell.  Click on the pic below to see their website.


     Pro Dog transport is a great service for shipping your dogs.  I used them just recently and was very pleased!!  He stayed in constant contact with me and the previous owners of the dogs.  Resonably priced and a great guy.  I am positive that the dogs came to me in the same or better shape than when he picked them up.  If you need a dog transported give Cajun Pet Express a try.  Click on the pic below to see their website.

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