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Argentine Dogos of Texas

     My name is Marcus and I am the owner of Solid Kennels.  I believe that the Argentine dogo is the best all around dog.  The creator of the breed spent an extensive amount of time creating the dogos for one main purpose, hunting.  He also made sure that the breed is a great companion and guard dog.  Here at Solid Kennels I am not trying to change the breed or make a bigger or better dog.  I went out and found my foundation stock from hunting lines.  These dogs are structurally sound great looking dogs from hunting stock and have been produced within the original breed standard.  Their bloodlines are of hunting and show quality although I am not into showing.  My main goal is to breed a great companion, hunting dog, and guard dog that shows no fear and looks good doing it. 

     Take a look around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  If you are interested in a pup you can fill out the puppy waiting list form by clicking the link below.  Filling out the waiting list form does not guarantee you a puppy, it only sends me your information to let me know that you would like to buy a puppy.  To secure a spot in line for a puppy you will need to send in a deposit.  For information on buying a puppy from me or to see our puppy contract, Click on Buying a puppy at the top or bottom of the page.


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Click here to read my thoughts on why following the original breed standard is important and other thoughts about breeding dogo's.

The history of the Dogo Argentino and the two brothers who created the breed is as colorful and passionate as the history of Argentina itself. Antonio Nores Martinez was not quite 18 years old and Agustin a year younger in 1925 when Antonio first conceived and took the first step in his vision of a big game hound created specifically for the varied and rugged Argentine countryside.

It is important to point out that the Fighting Dog of Cordoba, a breed established in that area consisting of Mastiff, English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, and Boxer is now extinct. Much of the early work on the new breed was devoted to eliminating the fighting eagerness and developing the hunting instinct. An effort that was essential and highly successful.

The formula Antonio used was:

  • 1) the Fighting Dog of Cordoba, to which he added blood from
  • 2) the Pointer to give him a keen sense of smell which would be essential for the hunt.
  • 3) The Boxer added vivacity and gentleness;
  • 4) the Great Dane it's size;
  • 5) the Bull Terrier, fearlessness;
  • 6) the Bulldog gave it an ample chest and boldness;
  • 7) the Irish Wolfhound brought it's instinct as a hunter of wild game;
  • 8) the Dogue de Bordeaux contributed it's powerful jaws;
  • 9) the Great Pyrenees it's white coat and
  • 10) the Spanish Mastiff gave it's quota of power.

Want to learn more about Argentine dogos or see the original breed standard? 
Click on this link.... Breed Standard



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