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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do we crop the puppies ears?  No we do not.  We know that people have different ideas of what they want.  Cropped or not cropped, and also there are different styles of cuts.  It is up to you to decide what to do with your puppy.

2.  How much is the deposit and shipping?  The deposit is $250 and shipping anywhere in the U.S. by plane is $350-400.  If we ship by driver the price will be different and I will have to call for a quote.  You can email me or call/text me for full price of a puppy. 

3.  What are the restrictions of my puppies?  There are NO restrictions when you buy one of my puppies.  I wont get in to what I think of puppy restrictions and the breeders that have them but when you buy a puppy from me it is yours and you can do whatever you want to with it. 

4.  Issues with coloring and breed standard?  First and foremost I am breeding dogs that can function as working companions.  Hunting dogs, protection work, or just family guardians.  If they arent compatible with other dogs and humans then they dont stay on my yard.  If they meet my requirements as a hunting dog then I look at appearance and structure.  I do my best to follow the original breed standard.  The breed standard is a guideline to follow for confirmation of what the perfect dogo should look like.  Most dogos lack atleast one if not several of these traits.  They are still dogos and can still be registered under the breed standard.  The biggest question about dogo confirmation is coloring.   They often have ticking marks on there body that comes from the bird dog that was bred into them with the breed was created.  Its part of the breed and you will read that the coloring is only on the skin and not to be coloration in the hair except for on the head.  I have seen a lot of registered dogos with ticking and there is some coloration in the hair with ticking sometimes... atleast with working lines.  Dont just read what someone says on there site.  Look at the pictures of there dogs.  The pictures often contradict what they are saying.  I am not breeding show dogs.  I am breeding working dogs.  Some of them will have the ticking on them and some will not.  Lack of skin pigmentation is the reason for deafness in white breeds.  Seeing the spots on the dogs is a good thing.  My dogs are from champion show lines but are also from great working dogs and working dogs are what Im breeding. 

5.  Are my dogs registered?  Yes

6.  Any questions you have about the breed in general.... do they get along with cats, other animals,...Ect?  Please dont email me or any other breeder these questions.  First of all every dog is different and it depends on how they are raised.  Second, most breeders will tell you what you want to hear so unless you know us it would be best to get as much unbiased information as you can about a breed.  There is so much information about the dogos and any other breed on the internet.

7.  Do we ship outside the U.S.?  We do not ship outside the Continental US.  There are more issues with shipping and quarantining and honestly I dont want to deal with it. 

8.  Are our pups hearing tested?  Yes our pups are BAER tested at around 7 weeks of age.  Any pups with hearing issues in one ear will be sold at a discounted price as pet only.  Any pup totally deaf will be found a special needs home. 

9.  At what age do the pups go to there new homes?  They are ready at 8 weeks

10.  How are puppies picked by the buyers?  Puppies are picked in the order that I receive deposits.  Once we know the results of the hearing test I will contact the first buyer and so on.  Because some pups are shipped and some are picked up sometimes the picking process takes a couple of weeks so it could be at 10 weeks or so before your puppy will be available.

11.  Are the puppies vet checked?  They are all taken at 7 weeks to a vet for the hearing test but other than that call us Old School or whatever you want but Im a hunter and a breeder.  Ive spent the last 15 yrs giving shots, stitching and putting staples in wounds, worming, and just raising dogs.  I never take a healthy dog to the vet.  They are wormed by me, they will be given shots by me and will be up to date on both when they go to their new homes.  Only if a puppy is being shipped will it be checked by a vet because it is required for shipment.  I never have issues with sick puppies or dogs for that matter.  I have dogs that are 12 and 13 yrs old on my yard that I raised from puppies and hunted every yr until they were too old to hunt.  It just doesnt seem smart to take a puppy from the environment he was safely raised in to a place where sick dogs go and expose them to who knows what. 

Solid Kennels Puppy Contract


This agreement for the purchase of a puppy is between Solid Kennels (seller) and______________ (buyer). After making your selection, fill out this contract and mail it to us with your deposit.


1. After receiving the balance, puppy will be shipped. (We ship puppies when they are 8 weeks old)

2. All shipped puppies will have had veterinarian check up, first shots, and wormed and will be provided with a health

3. You have 72 hours to have the puppy examined by your vet to assure good health. If you are not satisfied, you can return the puppy for a replacement puppy of equal value. Seller is not responsible for your vet bills or return shipping cost.

4. We guarantee the puppy to be free of congenital defects for one year. If the puppy is found to be unhealthy during the first year of its life because of genetics, you can return the puppy back to the seller and it will be
replaced with another puppy of the same sex as soon as one is available. Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy checked by our own vet.

5. Deposits are a commitment to hold a puppy for you and are non-refundable. Buyer can move a deposit to another litter  one time if needed. A deposit will ensure a buyers place in line for a puppy. The order I receive the deposits in, is the order the buyers will choose their puppy. A $250 deposit is required to hold a pup from the next available breeding. Full payment of the puppy, including shipping cost, must be made before the puppy is shipped or picked up. If some unforeseen occurrence happens like, puppies die, or female does not take, deposits will be moved to the next litter. (Seller reserves the right to keep first pick out of any of our own breedings.)

6. A dog that is subject to weight pulling or hog hunting before the age of one year will null and void guarantee.  Death or injury during any unnecessary surgery including ear cropping is not covered in this contract.  

7. Once the puppy leaves the sellers hands for shipping or at pickup, the buyer takes responsibility of the puppy and only the health reasons stated above will allow a replacement.

8. Seller will send an email confirmation upon receiving the contract and deposit. The email will also include your position on the list of people with a deposit on that litter, a picture of the pup you’ve picked if available, and a NO LATER THAN SHIPPING OR PICK/UP DATE, which will be a mutual agreement. We will send a copy of the signed contract when full payment is made. (Upon request, seller will mail you a receipt for the deposit.)

Deposit Amount:__________ Price of Puppy:_____________ Shipping:_____________

Buyer:_________________ Date:________________ Seller:__________________Date:_______________


Breeder reserves the right to have 1st pick out of any personal litter

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