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BG X SAUNCHO of Los Cazadores

These are our American Bulldogs.
Although we arent breeding them anymore
we are still proud of the dogs we produced.  Here
are a few pics of our foundation stock and some of
their pups.
                                             Solid's Big Boi                                                       Solid's Tough Enough

                                        Solid's Number One Stunner                                                   Solid's Woody
                                                 Big Boi X Tough

These were my producing American Bulldogs.  Here are some of the dogs that they produced over the years in their new homes.  We have American bulldogs placed all over the country from California to Boston and all in between.  We even had a pup go to the Bahamas.  What a life!

Puppy Waiting List

Solid Kennels
Marcus Jenkins
North East Texas

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